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At Pythian Quest, we believe that business and art can co-exist.

We strive to break away from the mundane, letting go of boring brands and unfulfilling workplaces with our Brand Consulting services.

Our philosophy and purpose comes from the idea that work should not only be done with excellence, but also with a sense of enjoyment. We focus on crafting Brands with intention, forming lasting relationships with everyone involved. Solid Brand foundations, combined with loyal teams and customers, result in sustainable success for all. 

Pythian Quest - Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Private Coaching

Private coaching is a great option for those who want a custom-made and personalised solution. We can work together on both small and big projects – for example it can be a private session for you or a seminar and your team.
The structure of coaching sessions varies according to your needs.

Some examples of the benefits of our Brand Consulting include learning how to:

Brand Manual, Training Manual

Essential Manuals

Crafting the right manuals is important to achieve long-term success. Our Brand consulting services are created to help you develop your Brand’s essential manuals.  

Brand Manual – It includes everything about your Brand. Starting with what your Brand purpose and philosophy is, we move on to apply your Brand’s essence to your teams and consumers by creating a long-term strategy followed by a plan of your short-term goals. It’s basically a blueprint to help you have a clear vision of how to develop your Brand sustainably (meaning creating a Brand that will last through time).

Training Manual – Offers comprehensive training to your team – for both new and existing members. It includes a detailed description of your Brand so that your teammates grasp its very essence. After which we move on to record all relevant operational systems, processes and procedures. What is crucial about having a training manual is that it is tailor-made to your Brand to create a solid internal structure.

Questionnaires for Teams, Team building Coaching

Strong Teams

Behind most, if not all, exceptional success is its A-team. It is a team that defies expectations, a band of brothers dedicated and loyal to each other beyond all other considerations.

Most companies consider their team as a tool, a means to an end of getting the job done. A team is much more than that. It is a dynamic organism within the Brand that defines the quality of work and exceptional results that a Brand can provide. If your team doesn’t have your back, you automatically set a limit to your Brand’s success.

Team building events, Seminars, Private Events, Corporate Events

Branded Events

This is the fun part!

Pythian Quest is all about combining business and art. Along with our Brand Consulting services we love creating new beautiful things that are limited only by our imagination. 

For Brands – We create “Branded Events” – events that are specifically tailored to your Brand. From the decoration and design to the activities prepared, branded events are carefully constructed to impress both your team and consumers. They offer a creative and fun way to connect with people in a different setting so you can strengthen your bond with them, and between them!

Private Events – Since creating unforgettable experiences is a passions of ours, we also offer private events inspired by specific themes. Whether it’s a celebration for a close group of friends or an enchanting festival, we heavily focus on every sense and every detail possible to create an experience people will talk about.

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