We all have impulsive urges and impulses that are destructive by nature. What will define and test our soul however is:


  1. Whether we are willing to be aware of those impulses.


  1. Whether we are wiling to do something about it.

Most people act as though they don’t have a choice in how they think and how they act, but we all do! Everyone has a choice and everyone has the responsibility of that choice.

Since we cannot quantitatively measure the level of destructive impulsiveness in the world, we can take a look at our effect on the world:

  • Current workplace dynamics are based on power and greediness
  • Current way of consuming products & services are lacking moderation and balance
  • Our planet suffers the most severe consequences at an unprecedented rate

All evidence indicates that we have yet to conquer our primitive and destructive impulsive behaviour. And there is a reason for that – it is incredibly difficult, but not impossible.

We can overcome our impulsiveness with love

And that means:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Support
  • Passion
  • Authenticity
  • and much more

Most of us can relate to those qualities and to a degree we all know first hand how fulfilling it feels to be your authentic yourself, to support and help another person, to have mutual respect and empathy.

When we think and act with love & humility we can not only be successful, but also be sustainably successful. We can have:

Healthy & passionate teams

Balance in consumption

A healthy & blooming planet

Which one do you think will prevail over time?

Destructive impulsiveness or constructive love?

Do you have any more thoughts on this?

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