We have a Quest

We offer our help and support to people who love what they do.

By establishing healthy and sustainable brands and cultures; we build strong and long-lasting relationships between the Brand, employees and consumers.

We champion those who are brave and resilient enough to remain Sincere, Authentic and Kind.

Our Philosophy

We follow the philosophy of seeking continuous development on how to live Sustainably and with Virtue.

Our Values


sustainable success for brands with virtue

Being virtuous can be relative depending on the person, we separate our philosophy of Virtue in 4 categories:



Being wise with our actions & judgment based on our knowledge and experience.


Being affectionate & respectful to one another.


Being brave enough to embrace our genuine & true self, as well as being sincere with others.


Being disciplined with our thoughts & actions to create balance in our business and lives.


sustainable success for brands with virtue

Living sustainably is the most rewarding way of life in the long-term.

Both on a personal and professional level, having a sustainable mindset is highly fruitful & fulfilling, it is the only way to achieve continuous success.

Sustainable Branding

Sustainable Branding is when a Brand is created and evolves with the purpose of perseverance & longevity. This is achieved by building strong foundations for the Brand to flourish steadily & consistently.

Sustainable Company Culture

Building a sustainable Company Culture means creating strong bonds with anyone & everyone that works with the Brand.

People Focused | It not only means integrating the Brand internally in terms of processes & procedures but also building strong relationships among people. Those relationships will in turn flourish into loyalty for the Brand and for each other, leading to a happy & fulfilled way of working.

Sustainable Consumer Culture

Building a sustainable Consumer Culture means creating strong bonds between the Brand & consumers.

People Focused | It involves focusing on developing strong & healthy relationships with consumers by integrating the Brand in every interaction a consumer has with it. It includes any & every interaction a person has with the Brand, like Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, the product/service itself and so on.

Do you share our values?

Pythian Quest started from the belief of not only working with excellence but also enjoying the work, therefore achieving a high quality of life & fulfilment.

It started as an idea, a concept, of not just superficially building brands, but building well-structured brands with intent, supported by strong cultures of people who develop powerful emotional connections to the brand and, over time, become loyal to it and to each other.

We are on a never ending journey of supporting and guiding Brands & People in becoming sustainably successful & happy; always with Virtue – Wisdom, Kindness, Authenticity, Balance.

Develop organic Brands that are Alive

Create a company culture based on mutual Passion

Build a community of consumers that Love your Brand

Let’s build something together.