Imagine a future in nature

Nature has always been a part of our lives. Over thousands of years, we have evolved together with nature and wildlife.

Which is why our mental health depends, to an extent, on our connection with nature.

They way we work and live has affected our planet in a considerably destructive way. Since we have created major advancements in medicine, science, technology, etc. why shouldn’t we use these advancements to find a way to live with nature again? To become a consciously positive impact for our planet and other people.

The idea that we are a part of nature and not separate from it is a concept that our sophisticated societies seem to have forgotten.

– European environmental Agency

Sustainable Mindset

Sustainability is not only about discovering and applying renewable clean energy. Theoretically, it consists of 3 pillars: environment, social and economic.

However, we need to take into account that people are the main cause of disrupting and destroying not only our own natural habitat; but the earth and its wildlife as a whole. Why do we need to take that into account? Because as conscious and intelligent beings we need to reflect on our history & actions and decide whether we are willing to take on the responsibility of evolving to better, healthier and more constructive beings.

Therefore, sustainability should not be constricted in the 3 pillars of environment, social and economic factors. The fact that as societies we have proven to be socially and ecologically self-destructive highlights the significance of our responsibility to improve the way we think.

Sustainability is a mindset of thinking, working and living that is in harmony with nature

Which is why we consider sustainability a mindset, a way of thinking, living and working because it requires a collective action in every aspect of our lives to change, not only as individuals but as a society.


The way we live

There are numerous ways we can apply sustainable living.

Learning to take care of ourselves both emotionally and physically is incredibly significant so that we may acquire the capacity and capability to help others and our planet. This way we are able create healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

We start with our emotional and physical well-being followed by creating processes and habits that are aligned with nature’s well-being.

Emotional & Physical Wellness

Some tools to achieve emotional and physical wellness might include:

  • Personal Development through various tools like books, courses, groups etc.
  • Meditation
  • Journaling – keeping a daily gratitude journal has been proven to enhance well-being
  • Exercise or movement – there is such a wide variety of exercising: from simple walks, to dancing, yoga, weight lifting, martial arts, etc. Find out which one you enjoy doing consistently
  • Nutrition – very important considering our tendency of overconsumption. Be mindful how your body is fuelled.
  • Rest: create quality rest breaks throughout the day, quality sleep through the night
  • Include nature in our lives: Spend more time in nature in our everyday lives, we could do this by planting more trees, flowers, vegetable gardens etc. in our homes.

Research existing tools and find out which ones work best for you. By reflecting on ourselves first we can then start creating a positive impact on other people and nature.


The way we work

We have created some awareness and progress in the way we live, but we are gravely lacking grace and intelligence in the way we work. This is possibly due to the fact that when we work we are primarily driven by power and greed – both of which are defined by money.

Power and greed through monetary value is a primitive trait of humans determined by basic survival instincts. Which was acceptable when homo sapiens were trying to survive in caves and deserts and forests. Now, however, we are conscious and intelligent. We can understand how things work, we can predict outcomes, we are aware of our feelings and actions and how they affect others. Most of us are not in caves trying to survive – and that should be reflected in our work.

Those of us who aim to go beyond our primitive instincts should consider what our true purpose is – our higher purpose, beyond money and power and greed – and that should be the defining factor of the way we work.

When working, we consider these 3 Pillars: The Brand, Company Culture and Consumer Culture. The Brand should offer a higher purpose through quality products and services, the Company and Consumer Culture are healthy cultures created between team members and consumers that resonate with the Brand.

If you are interested in creating a healthy and sustainable Brand that will endure check out our Guide for Brands here.

Other than creating a sustainable Brand, we should consider nature and sustainability in our work:

  • Sustainable production – make sure you are not harming anyone in the process, like the environment, animals and people
  • Positively impact the world while being profitable
  • Create a culture of team members that have the discipline to do great work and the freedom to be creative
  • Create a culture of consumers that are a part of the Brand’s purpose and positive impact
  • Embrace nature in every way possible

Sustainability is fun!

It is worth remembering that having a sustainable mindset doesn’t mean it has to be boring. On the contrary it can be incredibly creative, interesting and fun!

Imagine walking in your office surrounded by a stream, trees, flowers. What holds us back to redefine the way we build our offices and cities? Why not start creating a society of people who love and take care of themselves; who can in turn love and take care of each other? Why not walk through untainted earth in a town full of green and bloom?

We have all accepted the way we live as the “right” or “normal” way. But it is as far as we have strayed from nature since our creation. We can do better in new, wonderful, creative, fun ways.

We can do this, together.

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