Is Your Product | Service Exceptional?

Why should it be Exceptional?

Whether you offer products or services, your consumers should primarily love the product itself in order to be able to love the brand and become loyal. And for them to genuinely love your product, it needs to be exceptional.

You don’t necessarily have to invent an entirely new product for it to be exceptional. But you do need to consider how influential it is in a person’s life, why anyone would love it and whether it is unique in its own way.

The truth is, if your consumers prefer your product mostly because of its price or features, all you need is just one mere competitor with slightly lower prices or slightly better features for your consumer to switch to them without a second thought.

How should it be Exceptional?

We define an exceptional product or service for what it has to offer other than functionality and price.

Of course, both are important aspects to focus on, but they are superficial in nature and, in most cases, generally provide short-term success.

Being exceptional means offering more than superficial benefits. It means adding depth and creating an emotional connection and a meaningful relationship with consumers.

Building relationships and focusing on a product’s emotional impact are certainly more vague concepts in comparison to short-term profits and success. However, short-term results are typically unsustainable. Why?

Because embedding an emotional impact to your product or service creates an extraordinarily strong bond between you and your consumer. A bond so resilient; it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to sever.

Creating a bond with the goal of short-term profits and success, heavily based on the product’s price and attributes, is so fragile; it merely needs a gentle nudge for it to snap. It is created significantly faster than a strong emotional bond, with less effort, less money, less experimentation, less money…but is it worth it?

Invest In Your Product | Service

Our principle on investing in the creation of exceptional products and services certainly does not resonate with all businesses. It heavily depends on your own goals and principles. If you seek sustainability and, dare we say, genuinely wish to create a positive change and influence in a consumer’s life, then adapting this principle will surely be beneficial to you.

Even if your budget is restricted, invest as much of your time and effort in your product or service as you can; simply by adding layers of thought and purpose behind it.

Think about why does it exist, how does it impact people and, most importantly, how deep and meaningful is its emotional impact?

Experiment with what works and doesn’t work with your audience, be patient with your brand, your team and your audience.

Once you strike gold and tap into the hearts of people, they will ruthlessly support your strengths, they will kindly forgive your mistakes, they will fall in love your product and, with consistency, will become invaluably loyal to your brand.

Constantina Gogaki

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