The Brand Guide – Premium Hardcover


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An optimal Guide of how to create a new Brand or improve an existing one to reach its true potential. A great learning experience with actionable practises!

*Hardcover | 180+ pages*

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[Out of Stock]  – Email to pre-order

Hardcover Guide | 180+ pages of practical & educational content

*Premium coloured print with Leather Cover

This Guide helps Brands reach their true potential by:

  • Learning how to build solid foundations
  • Learning about healthy & sustainable mindset
  • Creating a holistic approach involving all aspects in Brand Development – including employees & consumers
  • Offering actionable practises towards sustainable Branding
  • And in the end, creating a Brand that is not only profitable, but one that you & other people can enjoy!

While reading this Guide, make sure to take lots of notes and, most importantly, make sure to implement them in the best way you see fit for your Brand.

Wishing you a great learning experience and an adventurous Quest!