Why having a useful Brand Manual is a must!

It is the ultimate tool to build strong roots for your Brand and achieve sustainable success

Increases your Brand’s value & equity

Creates clarity of who your Brand is to you and consumers

Builds solid foundations for future Brand development

Develops a clear & actionable structure and plan

It can be utilised and used indefinitely

Your Brand Manual process

Stage 1

1-hour appointment
FreeNo commitments

We will get to know each other, discuss who you are and who your Brand is.

You will get a taste of what a Brand Manual is and how it can help you.

You can then proceed to book your second appointment.

Stage 2

1-hour appointment
Price: $97

Brand Manual will be specifically created based on your Brand.

Brand Manual will be delivered shortly after we conclude our meeting.

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Eligibility Process

In order to make sure that you will receive the highest value possible, candidates will go through an eligibility process and will be contacted if successful.

Pricing & Process

If your entry is successful, your first appointment is free with no commitments whatsoever!

In order to proceed to the second stage and receive your custom-made Brand Manual, payment is made upfront of $97 followed by the arrangement of your second appointment.

Secure Payment & Refunds Policy

Your payment is processed securely through Paypal or Stripe.

The first appointment is free of charge with no commitments. Once you move on to your second appointment, full payment will have to be made prior to the appointment to receive your own custom-made Brand Manual that is specifically curated to your Brand. Since it is a personalised consultation item no refunds are eligible.

If you have any questions drop us an email at explore@pythianquest.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Have a wonderful, amazing & magical Quest!

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