True brand power lies in Loyalty

How do you achieve Employee Loyalty? By creating a healthy company culture based on the brand’s purpose.
In order to build a healthy company culture and at the same time sustainably optimise efficiency, effectiveness and profitability; you need to consider the company’s focus: is it purpose-centered, or ego-centered?


Healthy | Constructive | Sustainable

A purpose centered company consists of high employee satisfaction and loyalty, creating a healthy, constructive and sustainable company culture.

If a healthy company culture is developed, it leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness, as well as to a decrease in employee turnover.

When a company sets a specific purpose to follow, then every decision made, however big or small, gravitates around that purpose instead of derailing in aimless and impulsive decisions.


Toxic | Destructive | Unstable

An ego centered company creates employee dissatisfaction and unhappiness, resulting in a toxic, destructive and unstable company culture.

If a toxic company culture is created, it leads to inefficiency and ineffectiveness, including to an increase in employee turnover.

When a company does not orient itself and its decisions around a purpose, people start to act egotistically by resorting to impulsive decisions based on their own personal benefits and emotions.

Who do you serve?

Herd of Sheep

Creating a company culture based on control and fear.

This type of culture is managed by people who serve themselves and who have the need to overshadow and control employees in an attempt to feel powerful.

It leads to a submissive and disloyal culture, where people will either grasp at the first opportunity to escape the ‘herd’ or become a part of a toxic culture.

Pack of wolves

Creating a company culture based on true leadership and mutual respect.

This type of culture is developed by people who truly act as leaders and who serve those they lead.

The most admired quality is their ability to create balance by serving both the Brand and selflessly helping & supporting their followers, who in turn become loyal & empowered creating a healthy & sustainable culture.

What appeals most to you?

Herd of Sheep?

Since this is the most commonly chosen type of culture; it must be the easiest way to feel that employees are under control, with the illusion that it will be more profitable. Since our principles are not aligned with this type of culture, we cannot help businesses who endorse this ideology.

Pack of Wolves?

We fully support this ideology and would be honoured to assist businesses who share the same principles. If this concept appeals to you, we would be delighted to discover how we can add value to your brand and business.

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